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Applying our material processing
technology to the electronics field

We established the technology to integrate iron oxide in rubber materials, and were the first to mass-produce rubber sheet magnets in Japan. Based on this technology, we have developed various magnetic-related products, mixing inorganic ingredients into materials such as rubber and plastic.

Used in a wide variety of applications

This product allows users to attach memos with magnets. It adheres to flat and smooth surfaces, making it easy to put up.

A whiteboard sheet that doubles as a projector screen. It is also possible to attach memos with magnets.

It can be repeatedly attached and removed from steel surfaces, allowing a whiteboard to be set up without taking extra space.

X-ray inspection instruments

Tungsten Sheets

These sheets have achieved a maximum specific gravity of 11.5 (same as lead), and are used for blocking curtains in X-ray inspection devices and other places as alternatives to lead products.

Product information

Magnetic Sheet

We provide a variety of flexible sheets such as general-purpose rubber magnetic sheets, Whiteboard, Screen Sheets, Inkjet Sheets and Magnetite Sheets.

Electric Wave Absorbing Sheet

In order to achieve an electromagnetic noise suppression effect for low- to high-frequency waves, we provide a variety of flexible resin sheets that can be adapted to installation sites.

High-Specific-Gravity Sheet

Featuring thermoplastic elastomer filled high with tungsten powder, these sheets offer flexibility and high processability despite having a density ratio of eight or larger.

High-Specific-Gravity Sheet

Damping Materials

This new type of cutting-edge fixed type damping materials combines magnetic damping rubber and iron board. Compared to conventional gluing construction methods, the construction is easy as magnetic force is used for adhesion.

Damping Materials