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Building Materials

Help create the foundation of a low-carbon society through
energy and environmental conservation

Used as construction material in many parts of our society, plastics have various applications ranging from public facilities, such as highways and schools, to factories and housing. C.I. TAKIRON actively conducts business that contributes to environmental conservation by reducing CO2 emissions from facilities by offering construction material with better transparency/translucency and heat insulation properties. We have also been contributing to rejuvenating housing and urban infrastructures by promoting the unearthing of demand for renovation and repair in order to establish a society where infrastructure and housing is used long-term.

Sports facilities and hangars

Large-sized Joint Type System Panels Made of Polycarbonate

The hollow honeycomb structure produces a transparent/translucen t and lightweight material that is highly rigid with high heat insulation properties, which can be used to create a skylighting panel material that is easy to work with and allows flexible design.

We also offer a lineup of various other building materials for skylights.


A modular skylight system that allows free configuration of length. andscaping and road material.


This series uses skylighting panels that offer excellent heat insulation for roof materials, allowing flexibility in the size of openings.

Skylighting Panels

These polycarbonate panels have modified cross-sections for high rigidity.

Transportation facilities

Public facilities

Urban installations and housing

Polycarbonate Plates

A building material for skylights that is used in various types of structures because of its superior transparency/translucency, strength and safety. It has a long track record in areas such as landscaping and road material.

We also offer a lineup of various other building materials for skylights.

Polycarbonate Corrugated
Plates / Folded Plates

Building materials for skylights that combine a glass-like transparency with excellent impact strength.

Polycarbonate skylights

Polycarbonate skylights in a dome shape that provides abundant natural lighting to the interior of a building.