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Department Product name
Polycarbonate building materials Polycarbonate Plates, Polycarbonate Corrugated Plates / Folded Plates
Materials for housing construction Housing materials, Piping and plumbing equipment
Flooring Slip-resistant PVC Flooring,Sound-reduction and Slip-resistant Stair flooring
Decorative Materials Belbien, Bonlex
Flood protection Flood Safe, Flood Safe Light
Agricultural Materials Agricultural PVC, Agricultural PO Films, Suzuran Tape
Infrastructure Materials VYNON PVC Geomembrane, HYDROTITE, VYNON PVC Waterstops etc.
Plastic Plates PVC, CPVC and FM plates and rods
Micro Motor Micro DC motors, Miniature Liquid Pump, Molybdenum Cup, etc.
Heat Shrinkable Films BONSET
Zippers SANZIP, Zipper Bag