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Department Product name TEL
Flooring Slip-resistant PVC Flooring,Sound-reduction and Slip-resistant Stair flooring TEL +81-3-6711-3713
Decorative Materials Belbien, Bonlex TEL +81-3-6711-3713
Agricultural Materials Agricultural PVC, Agricultural PO Films TEL +81-3-6711-4526
Binding Materials Suzuran Tape TEL +81-3-6711-4526
Infrastructure Materials VYNON PVC Geomembrane, HYDROTITE, VYNON PVC Waterstops etc. TEL +81-3-6711-4505
Plastic Plates PVC, CPVC and FM plates and rods TEL +81-3-6711-3735
Micro Motor Micro DC motors, Miniature Liquid Pump, Molybdenum Cup, etc. TEL +81-3-6711-3934
Magnetic Materials Magnetic Materials TEL +81-3-6711-3934
Heat Shrinkable Films BONSET TEL +81-3-6711-4513
Zippers SANZIP, Zipper Bag TEL +81-3-6711-4530
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