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Group Corporate Philosophy


Creating a people- and earth-friendly future

That is to say, we will carry on fulfilling our responsibility and role in people's lives and the global environment. And to do so, we will tap into the various business resources we have built over the years.
Since our founding in 1919, the C.I. Takiron Group has been supporting people's daily lives and creating a better tomorrow, and we will continue to be a corporate group that provides peace of mind and comfort for the future.

Aspired Corporate Culture

Pride in our accumulated value and
the courage to transform

These are things that are important for us to have in order to achieve our Mission.
While remaining proud of the fact that we have refined our technology and built up trust over the past 100 years, we will continue to nurture a corporate culture that never settles for the status quo, is willing to transform, and always has the courage to boldly take on new challenges.

Sustainability Vision

Corporate Message

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