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C.I. TAKIRON Group’s mission

Creating a people- and earth-friendly future through plastics technology

Management Philosophy

  1. We always try to protect the global environment and aim for permanent development and growth of the Company.
  2. We will contribute to society by providing quality and price that will satisfy our customers.
  3. We will be ahead of social change and sustain enthusiasm for the challenge to the unknown.
  4. We will give consideration to people and respect individual characteristics and ingenuity.
  5. We will pursue legitimate profits and strive for fair distribution.

Corporate symbol

Corporate Message


Here is what we can do for today-
In order to support the security of the world we live in,
provide a consistent supply of durable, easy-to-use products.

Here is what we can do for tomorrow-
In order to make our lives more comfortable
create products that meet contemporary needs by
using technologies and ideas

Here is what we should do for today and tomorrow-
Continue to explore the potential of plastics and create products
that contribute comfort
and utility to our everyday lives.

Make our products even more durable, lightweight,
elegant and environmentally friendly.
Utilize flexibility of thought in the continuing challenge of
manufacturing new products.

This text summarizes the thoughts in the Corporate message. “What we can do” is to take great care in our communications with business partners and customers who deal with us directly and stably provide products that are highly reliable and products with new functions to society. And, by extension, contribute to the comfort and peace of mind of daily life.
“What we should do” is make full use of plastic production and manufacturing technology and pursue new possibilities, and by facing the challenges of the future, convey the connection to realizing a society where one can truly feel affluent.