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Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

This website (hereinafter the “Website”) is maintained and operated by C.I. Takiron Corporation (hereinafter the “Company”). When using this Website, please read the following Conditions of Use and use the Website after understanding those conditions.

Also, the Company can change the Conditions of Use without notice. In such a case, please understand that the Conditions of Use after the changes will be applied.
Also, in this Website, there are links to other websites run by the Company and its group companies. Please note that agreement to the Conditions of Use on those websites will be required to use those websites.


When using the Website, actions or comments such as those listed below that harm or are detrimental to the Company or third parties, or that damage the trust or reputation, or that might damage the trust or reputation of the Company or third parties are prohibited.

  1. Actions that infringe, or that might infringe, on the assets or privacy of third parties or the Company. Example: use or provision of computer viruses or other harmful programs.
  2. Actions that abuse the Website, such as modifications of the Website.
  3. Actions such as registering another person’s e-mail address, making false reports or submissions.
  4. Actions that damage the reputation or trust of third parties or the Company, and such actions that slander or defame or threaten third parties or the Company.
  5. Other actions that violate, or might violate laws, statutes, or ordinances.
  6. Actions that the Company determines to be inappropriate.

2.Intellectual Property

All of the names, logos, marks, illustrations, photographs, text and works (hereinafter “contents”) provided on the Website by the Company are protected by copyright law in Japan and other countries, various treaties and other laws. When using the Website, the Company expects that copyright, trademark, and other laws relating to intellectual property rights will be observed, and the Company prohibits the use, copying, or changing of the contents without permission.

3.Business Results

The Company provides information regarding future business results, etc. for investors and others, but this information is only the forecast by the Company’s management at the time of disclosure and may be subject to change due to circumstances. Accordingly, users of this data should refrain from relying completely on this information and understand that the Company does not have the obligation to revise this information.


  1. The Company requests that you obtain the Company’s prior permission if you wish to make a link to the Website.
  2. The Website has links to the websites of third parties, and the websites of third parties have links to the Website. In all cases, the contents on third party websites are maintained and operated under the responsibility of the third parties and the Company bears no responsibility for any problems or damage arising from the use of those websites.


  • There are times when the Company will request the removal of a link that it has agreed to.
  • The Company does not guarantee the contents of websites to which there are links.


  1. The Company takes all reasonable care regarding the details and function when posting contents to the Website, but this does not guarantee that the contents are accurate, up-to-date, safe, etc., and the Company bears no responsibility for the contents. Also, the Company can, without notification, revise, amend, add to, suspend, delete, etc., the Website or the information on it.
  2. The Company bears no responsibility if by any chance the user of the Website or its contents experiences any trouble or damage.