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Materials for Housing Construction

Creating a society that co-exists with nature with excellent durability

Plastic products are essential to creating comfortable and flexible living spaces in Japan’s hot and humid climate. C.I. TAKIRON supports diverse living environmental needs and proposes a variety of solutions for both exterior and interior structures of buildings. We will conduct a wide range of activities to create an affluent society that co-exists with nature, leveraging our creativity in developing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly products.

Housing materials

Siphon Rain Gutter System

This innovative rain gutter dramatically increases draining capability. The number of downpipes can be reduced to half or less compared to conventional systems (our company products).

Polyethylene Rainwater Storage Tank

Storage for rainwater collected from home gutter systems. It can be easily installed by attaching collection joints on existing gutter systems. These products contribute to water conservation by making it possible to use rainwater.

Resin Concrete Faucet Pillar

A sturdy texture similar to granite that matches any type of house. The sink can be embedded near the berm as well.

Deck materials

Deck materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and have anti-static effects.

Underfloor containers

A durable underfloor container that has a user-friendly design and is easy to take care of.

Outdoor Sink with Waist-high Storage

An outdoor sink with abundant storage space and that allows the user to work without crouching.

Piping and plumbing equipment

Drainage Catch Basin

A lightweight housing drainage system that is very easy to install.

Vinyl Chloride Catch Basins/Polypropylene Catch Basins

A compact and work-saving drainage system that suppresses sudden large flows of rainwater to rivers for systematic and efficient rainwater draining/infiltration.

We also offer a lineup of various other piping and plumbing equipment


Removes waste and grease from drainage, contributing to water quality and environmental beautification.

Foundation penetrating set

An interior underfloor drainage system that allows drainage pipes to be replaced even after the construction of the house.

Small-scale Rainwater Storage and Filtration Tank Materials

A compact rainwater storage and infiltration unit that can be installed in small spaces.