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Corporate Name C.I. TAKIRON Corporation
Head Office NORTH GATE BUILDING, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, 530-0001
Established October 10, 1919
Incorporated December 20, 1935
Capital 15,189,138,561 yen
Stock listing First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Number of Employees Approx. 3,300 (consolidated)
Approx. 1,200 (non-consolidated)
Line of Business
  1. Manufacture, processing and sales of plastic products
  2. Manufacture and sales of inorganic chemical industrial products
  3. Manufacture and sales of electrical, metal, magnetic, and ultrafine particle materials, and their applied products
  4. Manufacture and sales of motor and electric devices
  5. Manufacture and sales of rubber products
  6. Manufacture and sales of paper products
  7. Manufacture and sales of seeds, fertilizers, feeds, and soil conditioners
  8. Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, medical devices, drugs and quasi-drugs for animals, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals, and industrial chemicals
  9. Design, manufacture, sales, and lease of various machine equipment and metal molds
  10. Subcontracting, design, and management of construction works
  11. General motor truck business, freight forwarding and storage business
  12. Real estate rental
  13. All businesses related to the above
Directors and Corporate Officers
(As of June 25, 2021)



Representative Director PresidentKazuya Saito
Director Senior Managing Executive OfficerTakahisa Miyake
Director Senior Managing Executive OfficerAkihiro Ueda
DirectorMune Iwamoto
DirectorKenichi Hatano
DirectorYoshiko Kosaka

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Audit & Supervisory Board MemberToshiro Okajima
Audit & Supervisory Board MemberKenji Takai
Audit & Supervisory Board MemberMasako Osuna
Audit & Supervisory Board MemberTakashi Araki

Executive Officer

Managing Executive OfficerHideharu Iwasaki
Managing Executive OfficerToshio Tamaki
Managing Executive OfficerYukihiro Iwata
Managing Executive OfficerHironori Kikuchi
Managing Executive OfficerHidehiro Shima
Managing Executive OfficerHiroji Kimura
Executive OfficerTsutoshi Miki
Executive OfficerKenji Matsui
Executive OfficerKenji Watanabe
Executive OfficerYukio Hiraiwa
Executive OfficerRyojiro Ogawa
Executive OfficerAkihiko Shiraishi
Executive OfficerTakashi Yamasaki
Major Shareholders
(As of March 31, 2021)
ITOCHU Corporation
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust fund)
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust fund)
Sekisui Jushi Corporation
Nippon Life Insurance Company
Kaneka Corporation
Tosoh Corporation
C.I. TAKIRON Employee Stock Ownership Association
Watanabe Pipe Co., Ltd.