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A specialist in waterproof geomembranes
and water sealing materials

We offer waterstops, hydrophilic water sealing materials, and waterproof geomembranes to support the safety and function of social infrastructure, using various materials, such as synthetic resins and synthetic rubber, to develop or propose products that meet the customer’s needs and purposes. We have earned customers’ trust as a specialist in waterproof geomembranes and water sealing materials, from manufacturing of membranes necessary for civil engineering to supplying related materials, to carrying out construction for waterproofing.

Hydrophilic Water Sealing Materials

We develop and offer waterproofing materials manufactured from hydrophilic resin, which absorbs and expands with water, with the concept of “control water with water.” This product assists our daily life in areas that we do not often notice—such as the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line and subways.

Underground tunnels

Hydrophilic water sealing materials that are formulated and molded by specially processing water-absorbing resin with synthetic rubber. It is used as a water sealing material in underground tunnels between segments.

For civil engineering and construction

Hydrophilic water sealing materials that have a unique form, used in civil engineering or construction, such as cast-in-site concrete joints.

Waterproof Geomembranes are used in many applications.

Underground tunnels

Undersea tunnels


Waterproof Geomembranes

We offer a diverse product lineup for sealing and waterproofing, featuring various items according to customer’s use and construction methods.

For waste disposal sites and reservoirs

We offer a diverse lineup with various thicknesses, widths, lengths, surface textures, and colors using plastic resin such as PVC, EVA and PE.

Waterproof Geomembranes are used in many applications.

Disposal sites


Mountain tunnels


Structures such as dams

PVC Waterstops

These waterproofing panels are flexible, easy to work with, and durable. They are used to stop water at construction expansion joints in cast-in-site concrete, structures.

Our company’s waterstops comply with JIS standards.

Product information

Waterproofing Geomembrane

Vynon Geomembrane is available in many materials and is supplied with reliable quality.

Water Swelling Rubber Sealing Materials

Chloroprene rubber based hydrophilic water sealing material which has long durability and good chemical resistance, which is called Hydrotite.

PVC Waterstop

Conventional PVC Waterstops that can be used in any concrete structure joints. Super ATP that is combined with water swelling portion is also available.

PVC Waterstop

Other Water Sealing Materials

Various items for waterproofing which have unique characteristics, such as a water swelling butyl rubber seal and a water swelling sealant.

New Products and New Technologies

Introducing new products and technologies which are developed based on our long time experience in civil engineering and construction field.

New Products and New Technologies