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We offer a diverse range of high-precision zipper tapes

We provide high-precision plastic zippers to meet customers’ diverse requests for “openable and closable” products in a wide range of industries, with our mold-processing technology to combine materials such as PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene).


We have achieved lowtemperature heat sealing with our proprietary resin formula. Visual designs of pouch products will improve due to the design of various zipper shapes and heightened point-sealing properties.

A stable holding strength,which prevents contents from spilling out.

Used in a wide variety of applications


Zipper tapes are used in a wide range of food packaging pouches.

Pharmaceutical use

Zipper bags and zipper tapes are used for items such as transdermal patch pouches and eye drops.

Miscellaneous products and pet food

Zipper tapes are used on packaging pouches for items such as clothing, pet food and miscellaneous products.