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Letter from the President

“Creating a people- and
    earth-friendly future”

“Creating a people- and earth-friendly future”

In 2021, the C.I. Takiron Group formulated a new Group Corporate Philosophy in line with its ambition as a corporate group that continues to be trusted and needed by society.

【Group Corporate Philosophy】

Creating a people- and earth-friendly future

Aspirational corporate culture
Pride in our accumulated value and the courage to transform

 Since its founding in 1919, the C.I. Takiron Group has worked to support people’s life today and change society tomorrow. We will continue to be a corporate group that creates the value of “Peace of mind and Comfort” for the future.
 We are required to take even stronger action for today’s growing social and environmental challenges. The C.I. Takiron Group has put the first priority for “Solve social issues” in its medium-term management plan “Commit to Transformation 2023 (CX2023)” that it started in 2021. Through our business activities, we will tackle various social issues as represented by SDGs such as decarbonization, climate change, water resources, food issues, and human rights. We have a century-long history of solving actual social issues. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by responding to changes in the world and continuing to pursue new possibilities by making full use of the technology of the C.I. Takiron Group.
 We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director President