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Plastic Plates

Assisting the accelerating development of next-generation industries

Plastic materials with higher performance are needed in the advanced technology fields, such as electronic materials. We always provide high-quality and high-value-added products with the proprietary polymer technology that we have built up over the years. We will continue to support the foundation of the industrial society of the future, such as by offering new materials to the new, next-generation energy field.


This is a C.I. TAKIRON PLASTIC PLATE all product catalog. The products offered in here include TAKIRON PVC plate, Static-dissipative plate, FM4910 listed material, PP, PC, PVDF, and PEEK product.

We also offer a lineup of other high-performance materials

For diverse applications, from shop decorations to covers for industrial machinery

Industrial Plastic Plates

A material with superb chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and workability. It is excellent as a material for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment.

Fire safety material

FM Standard Compliant Materials Does not ignite, but carbonizes

Conventional Material(FRPP) Ignites after 35 seconds and emits a large amount of smoke

This fire safety material meets the flame-retardant performance criteria of FM4910 for materials used in clean rooms such as in semiconductor plants.

Cleanroom partitions

Static Dissipative Materials Static Dissipative Plastic Plates

Advanced industry sites call for a clean environment. To address this, we have developed high-performance static dissipative plates that retain their antistatic properties for a long period of time and are delivering them to various industries.

Contributing to a low-carbon society

Biomass Plastics

Environmentally-friendly materials that contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society by using bio-derived ingredients that reduce CO2 emissions by 25% during manufacturing compared to standard PET materials.

For diverse applications, from shop decorations to covers for industrial machinery

PET Plates (Amorphous Polyester)

PET resin plates that offer superb workability, transparency, and fire resistance, and can be used for various items such as shop decorations and covers for machinery.

Provides impact resistance and superb transparency for a wide variety of industrial uses

High-performance Polycarbonate Plates

These plates are used in a wide variety of ways in industry, such as windows for machinery because of its excellent impact and heat resistance, and superb transparency.

Laser processing equipment

Laser Shield Plates

Laser shielding plates that block various laser rays used in industrial laser processing equipment, reducing the effects on the human body.

Laboratory instruments, chemical tanks, etc.

PMP Plates and Rods

These are made of a transparent material that is heat, steam, and chemical resistant, and also meets standards for food products. These products are used in science experiment equipment, food containers, and medical equipment. From: TAKIRON POLYMER CO., LTD.