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The C.I. TAKIRON Group will provide environmentally-friendly products and services, thereby fulfilling its social responsibilities (CSR), solving social issues, and contributing to the sustainable development of society.

Our Commitment to CSR

In addition to enforcing corporate governance and compliance, we will continue to enhance CSR activities such as conserving the environment, ensuring quality and safety, respecting human rights and nurturing human resources, along with our activities contributing to society and local communities.
The basic policies and detailed activities of the C.I. TAKIRON Group’s CSR can be found in the CSR Report.

* The CSR Report is posted on our website, which is open to the public. (Japanese)

CSR Report

CSR REPORT 2018(English)

We publish this report for the purpose of deepening communication with all of our stakeholders by providing information about CSR management as well as the basic CSR concepts and specific initiatives of C.I. TAKIRON Group.

Environmental Philosophy

“We will strive to manufacture products that take into consideration the people, earth, and future, while always keeping the conservation of our planet in mind.”

Basic Environmental Policy

  1. We will fully comply with laws and regulations related to the environment, and strive to maintain harmony with society.
  2. We will establish rules and systems for environmental conservation activities and promote environmental conservation as a continuous cycle.
  3. We will make efforts to reduce environmental impact by reducing emissions of harmful substances, reducing waste, and conserving energy and resources.
  4. We will always keep the environment and safety in mind when providing products and services and developing technologies.
  5. We will promote communication with society through active environmental information disclosure, while making efforts to increase awareness of environmental conservation among our employees.