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Decorative Materials

High quality with ideal designs

C.I. TAKIRON applies the technologies for material design, molding/processing, and composition acquired from various products in the development of interior/exterior decorative materials used in structures, and offers them to domestic and international customers. Designs that embrace the newest international trends are incorporated with care towards the environment and workability, and application-specific functions such as resistance to scratches, weather, and grime are also added to our products.

Living up to the expectations of international furniture manufacturers

Plastic decorative materials are used as a decorative sheet in various furniture parts and kitchen cabinet doors. Our High Gloss series, with its mirror finish, has been met with acclaim from international furniture manufacturers for its smoothness and clarity, made possible by high technological capability.

Used in a wide variety of applications


Kitchen cabinet doors

This material has a luxurious mirror finish, and three-dimensional molding is also possible.

Wash rooms

Cabinet doors

In addition to mirror finishes, matte finishes are also available. Diverse textures such as wood grain and metal are also offered.


Shoe cabinet doors

Furnishing doors with mirror-type sheets will allow users to do last-minute outfit checks before going out.

Solutions for spatial designs and functions

This decorative film is optimal for interior/exterior spatial design that requires textures and designs that cannot be acquired through painting, such as those for office, hotel, store, and apartment building entrances. We have a 20-year track record for exterior materials, and structures using our materials from two decades ago still retain their beautiful appearance.

Used in a wide variety of applications


Office entrances

Entrances are the “face” of office areas. Materials used to cover large areas determine the impression they give to visitors.


Commercial, medical, and welfare facilities

These materials boast texture and properties that will withstand use in public areas, where they will be seen and touched by many people.


Educational and childcare facilities and offices

We propose a new application by making an entire wall a whiteboard so that interior spaces can be used to its full potential. There are many color variations as well.