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Water Swelling Rubber Sealing MaterialsHYDROTITE CJ

Product information

Introduction of products HYDROTITE CJ has been developed as an effective, simple and economical sealing material for site formed construction joints based on the proven effectiveness of HYDROTITE. (NOTE: Only Hydrotite CJ standard series are certified to NSF/ANSI61. Please refer Hydrotite CJ catalog.)
Features - Superior water sealing
- Easy handling and installation
- Controlled expansion direction
- Controlled expansion pressure
- Expansion delay coating
- Various product range


Item code Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Contents per carton REMARK
CJ-0720-2K 20 7 10M/roll X 5rolls Certified to NSF/ANSI 61
CJ-0725-3K 25 7 10M/roll X 4rolls
CJ-1020-2K 20 10 10M/roll X 5rolls
CJ-2020-M 20 20 10M/roll X 3rolls
CJ-3030-M 30 30 10M/roll X 1roll

Note: Only above items are certified to NSF/ANSI 61.