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Water Swelling Rubber Sealing MaterialsWater Swelling Rubber Sealing Materials

Product information

Introduction of products Water leakage through penetration on pipes sometimes makes us troubles. Hydrotite Sleeve Ring, which has expansion characteristics when it contacts water, is developed specially to seal around Separators.
Features - Getting better sealing in pipe penetration joints
- Only one step to get excellent water sealing, no glue and no cure-time
- Blue rubber portion swell water and expand to seal water
- Black rubber portion control expansion direction
- Available supplying in ring shape
- Applicable for both PVC pipes and Steel pipes


Nominal inside Code pcs./ Nominal inside Code pcs./
diameter of pipe carton diameter of pipe carton
50A MSRB-50 100 175A MSRB-175 20
65A MSRB-65 70 200A MSRB-200 20
80A MSRB-80 50 250A MSRB-250 20
100A MSRB-100 40 300A MSRB-300 15
125A MSRB-125 30 350A MSRB-350 15
150A MSRB-150 25 400A MSRB-400 15
* Ring size are adjustable on demand